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In a Nutshell

There is a change in the food ingredients market that is happening in recent years.  More and more companies all around the world are now requiring the best quality ingredients at the lowest price possible.  The global demand for food ingredients is undoubtedly increasing, yet low-cost and quality producers are more focused on technology rather than on marketing their products, making it difficult for companies to effectively source their requirements.

This is where XYZ Inc. steps in.

XYZ Inc. is a worldwide intermediate that can provide you with the best technical service and expert food market knowledge.  We can help you find the best food ingredient suppliers that provide the best quality products at the lowest prices, thereby helping you create a more sustainable business while also upholding your own quality standards.

At XYZ Inc., we take pride in and get satisfaction from bringing businesses and suppliers together.

How XYZ Inc. helps

XYZ Inc. excels in three disparate areas to help our customers:

  1. In-house capabilities
  2. Market knowledge
  3. Global presence

All these things have made XYZ Inc. a powerhouse in supplying dairy products, non-dairy ingredients, and in helping our customers succeed in getting the best ingredients and work with a more sustainable environment.

Our Story

XYZ Inc. works with various companies from all over the world, even having local presence in the world’s most important markets.  We are based in the Netherlands but we have local presence in South East Asia, as well as in India and China.  On top of that, XYZ Inc. works with a global network of food companies.  Indeed, having this kind of set up allows us to be active in more than 50 countries.

XYZ Inc. rakes in revenues of about 70 million euros per year and counts some of the world’s biggest brands as customers.  Undeniably, the company has come a long way.  But it is humbling to look back at how it all started with the vision, dedication and passion of one man, John Doe.

John Doe started XYZ Inc. with one goal in mind: to provide companies with expert knowledge of the food ingredient industry.  Seeing a need and having the experience necessary to succeed in the field, John Doe launched XYZ Inc.  Over the years, the company has slowly carved its niche into the market and steadily built its reputation for delivering on its promises.  In short, XYZ Inc. walked the talk.

Today, XYZ Inc. continues to create value for its customers and works hard to bring together companies and suppliers while also maintaining its own line of superior quality products.

Our Team

When you work with XYZ Inc., you are working with a team of highly professional and knowledgeable experts.  Our high-value team is composed of dynamic individuals who bring with them years of experience, a variety of backgrounds and a multitude of expertise.

Famed author, businessman and speaker Stephen R. Covey once said that strength lies in differences and not in similarities.  Our team reflects just that.

Our team members are technically trained to manage and deal with specialised distributors.  Having a presence in six different countries, XYZ Inc. takes advantage of a multilingual team that speaks eight different languages.  This ensures that communication is never a problem.  We speak your language, be it Dutch, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian or English to make sure that everything is completely clear and that every issue is addressed.

XYZ Inc. also believes, as Thomas Pain has said, that a company’s strength is not shown in numbers but in unity.  And this is why we keep a lean and mean organization.  XYZ Inc. shares its goals and objectives with everybody on the team.  With strong leadership and transparent decision-making within the organization, the company is able to inspire its employees as well as encourage them to further increase their skills and expertise, and to maintain their personal uniqueness.

At XYZ Inc., we value, respect and welcome diversity.  It is with this environment that personal development is possible and it stimulates the creative input of our people.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  That is to be a global intermediate providing in-house technical service and expert market knowledge in the international food market to create value and sustainable business.

All our efforts at XYZ Inc. are aimed at achieving this mission.  We continue to hire talented individuals and foster and develop a team of such individuals that provide you with top-notch expert knowledge.  And we do our best to retain and train top talent.  We keep track of developments and trends.  We help our customers see more value in their investments and activities, and assist them in creating sustainable processes for a more successful enterprise.

All of these taken together have ensured that XYZ Inc. is your reliable and invaluable partner.  XYZ Inc. aims to give you the best product at the best price, as well as offer you custom services to meet your unique needs.  We do not only bring suppliers and customers together, but we also make sure that there is the right fit: bringing the best customers together with the best suppliers they can work with.

XYZ Inc. aims to make the entire process headache-free for you and this is why we provide you with the best services and top-of-the-line information that allows you to have intimate relationships with suppliers and customers. 


Dairy and non-dairy ingredients are important fixtures in food manufacturing.  The good news is that it is a growing industry, which means more choices, more innovations, more creativity and more products introduced as time passes.  The bevy of choices and new technologies and innovations getting introduced into the market can sometimes go under your radar.  This can affect your being competitive and the quality of your products.  XYZ Inc. helps you be on top of the latest trends and changes in these industries and provides you with the best dairy and non-dairy ingredients that you need to help you get the best quality products at the lowest prices!

Dairy Ingredients

According to research, the dairy ingredients industry is poised to become a $50-billion industry by 2018.  It was valued at $42.2 billion in 2013 and is seen to increase steadily at a healthy pace over the next five years.  This would involve steady growth in the European and North American markets because of the high availability of supplements that are based on these ingredients, as well as highly functional food markets.

What these means is that raw material producers, ingredient processors, suppliers and distributors, as well as end users and manufacturers will be in a frenzy in the next five years.  Are you prepared to get into the middle of it all?  If not, we can help.

XYZ Inc. is well known for its passion for dairy.  The company has more than forty years of experience within the dairy industry. Four decades of operating in this industry have allowed us to amass the expertise and superior knowledge that we provide our producers and buyers.

XYZ Inc. offers the following dairy products for retail and industry end users:

  • Full cream milk powder
  • Skimmed milk Powder
  • Fat-filled milk powder
  • Butter milk powder
  • Whey products
  • Cheese
  • Butter and butter Oil

Take advantage of the opportunities, and capitalize on your strengths while also minimizing weaknesses and threats.  Partner with XYZ Inc. for your dairy ingredients!

Non-dairy Ingredients

Food ingredients became an $8 billion industry in 2012 and the demand is rising due to the need of end user manufacturers to boost the quality of their food products, drive down their costs, provide better nutritional value and safer products, as well as enhance flavor, color and texture.

The world of non-dairy food ingredients is diverse.  Because there are a lot of categories involving a lot of different kinds of food ingredients, as well as safety and sustainability concerns, you can easily get confused and lost navigating the food ingredients waters. This leads you to taking unnecessary risks and incurring higher expenditures.

Why not work with XYZ Inc. and get guaranteed high-quality and safe non-dairy ingredients that are available to you at the lowest cost possible?  Improve your bottom line while ensuring that you use the best for your food products.

XYZ Inc. takes away the guesswork and the difficult tasks when it comes to non-dairy food ingredients.  XYZ Inc. is your best bet for the following non-dairy products for use in industry and retail:


  • Flavours
  • Starches
  • Cultures


  • Cocoa powder
  • Cocoa mass
  • Cocoa butter


  • Palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Shortening

Take advantage of the changing trends in both food production and consumer habits when you partner with XYZ Inc. for your non-dairy food ingredient needs. 


XYZ Inc. is a company that is dedicated to introducing end user manufacturers to high quality and low cost products that give our customers the chance to create more value for their products as well as a more sustainable business.  It is for this reason that we have come up with BestDairy and BESTYAKULT.

BestDairy is a high quality fat-filled milk powder that is better than full cream or filled milk powders, which are available in the market today.

Offered in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla, among others, our BESTYAKULT brand represents exciting additions to the instant food market.  XYZ Inc. understands that most people today are always on the go and yet they keep close tabs on their diets and nutrition.  As such, we present to you our premium instant yogurt and instant drink line.


Employing the latest food technology and our experience in the dairy and food ingredients industries, XYZ Inc. developed BestDairy.

BestDairy is a high quality, fat-filled, tasty and delicious powder that is perfect for a wide variety of applications.  The formula is the product of years of research and development in the Netherlands by XYZ Inc.

BestDairy has highly excellent taste perception.  Even the staunchest milk powder consumers accept and like BestDairy’s rich, full-bodied and creamy taste.  In fact, BestDairy tastes better when compared to the leading filled milk brands in a variety of markets.

BestDairy is also designed to be less susceptible to oxidation, a problem when using full cream milk powder.

Aside from its rich, creamy and full-bodied texture and delicious taste, BestDairy is also instantly soluble.  You can add in vitamins and minerals to make it even more nutritious.

BestDairy is available as is.  As an all in one product, it is ready for repacking and sale.  However, should you want to develop the formula further, XYZ Inc. can provide you with technical support and assist you in your developments.  BestDairy also has a Pro Series that can be used in recombined milk, or used as an instant soluble milk drink, coffee & tea use.  Additionally, you can use it as a food ingredient for a wide variety of food products.  What’s more, BestDairy is also Halal certified!

With BestDairy, you get a high quality formula with an excellent price to quality ratio.  This means that you can give your customers better quality food products without burdening them with higher prices.

The other benefits of BestDairy include:

  • Rich and fluffy structure.
  • Eligible for reduced duties to certain countries – ask us for details!

If you want to know more about BestDairy, please visit


XYZ Inc. is proud to introduce BESTYAKULT.

The BESTYAKULT brand represents two innovative and delicious products that XYZ Inc. fully supports. With BESTYAKULT, XYZ Inc. hopes to align our food products with the fast paced yet health conscious lifestyle of today’s consumers.

These products are:

  • BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo
  • BESTYAKULT Instant Dairy Drink


XYZ Inc.’s latest innovation, BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo is a ready to eat instant yogurt product.  Tasty and nutritious, this instant dairy product is perfect for modern consumers who are conscious about their diet.

BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo is easy to prepare.  You could prepare and eat it in a matter of minutes.  Just open a sachet of BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo, add water and wait for two minutes.  BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo is instantly soluble in fresh water.

BESTYAKULT Instant Dairy Drink

BESTYAKULT Instant Dairy Drink gives you a tasty treat in between your meals, or a great, nutritious and delicious way to boost your energy at school, at work or just about anywhere you may be.  BESTYAKULT Instant Dairy Drink comes in a convenient sachet.  You just add fresh water and stir.  Because it is easily dissolved, you can enjoy your flavoured dairy drink in a matter of minutes!


BESTYAKULT is not only innovative, convenient and easy to make and quick to prepare, it is also very delicious and nutritious!  What’s more, you do not have to bust the bank because it is very budget friendly!

If you want to know more about BESTYAKULT, please visit

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BESTYAKULT is XYZ Inc’s. newest innovative brand.  It is perfect for people on the go who are conscious about their health, their diet and their weight.  BESTYAKULT helps you get the nutrition you need without the inconvenience of carrying heavy food packages around.  Plus, BESTYAKULT products are guaranteed clean, safe and affordable!

BESTYAKULT’s Instant Yogo and Instant Flavoured Dairy Drink are nutritious and delicious.  They are very easy to prepare and very convenient to carry around!


The health benefit of yogurt is well known.  It is rich in nutrients and it helps you lose weight without feeling deprived.  It gives you a lot of protein and fiber, as well as a boost in energy.  Because it is full of vitamins such as phosphorous, potassium, iodine and zinc, you get additional stamina.  Moreover, yogurt gives you a stronger immune system.

The thing is, most people would find it inconvenient to carry fresh yogurt around.  It can spill and can be very bulky.  What’s more, it is quite pricey for something that can go bad so quickly.

This is why it makes sense to get BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo.  BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo is in powdered form and is available in convenient and easy-to-carry sachets.  You just mix the powder with 120 ml of water and stir until everything is dissolved.  After a few minutes, you can enjoy a delicious yogurt snack that tastes like and has all the nutrients of fresh yogurt.

BESTYAKULT Instant Yogo comes in four different flavours: natural, vanilla, banana and strawberry.

BESTYAKULT Instant Flavoured Dairy Drink

Feeling blah and out of it?  You might be lacking energy.  So why not prepare a fast treat with BESTYAKULT Instant Flavoured Dairy Drink?  This instant dairy drink powder comes in sachets and has a variety of flavors: chocolate, tea, peppermint, coffee, tea, banana, vanilla and strawberry.

You would not need to wait as it takes seconds to prepare.  All you have to do is dissolve the contents of one BESTYAKULT Instant Flavoured Dairy Drink sachet into 160 ml of water and stir. It is that easy!

So if you need a quick energy boost no matter where you are, then get BESTYAKULT Instant Flavoured Dairy Drink.  This sure beats going to a cafe and ordering a caffeinated drink.

BESTYAKULT Instant Flavoured Dairy Drink is a perfect treat in-between meals.  You no longer have to spend much for a delicious and nutritious drink.  You can have a real indulgence anytime, anywhere!



XYZ Inc. is proud to present its star formula: BESTDAIRY.

BESTDAIRY is produced by the company and is a tasty, high quality and fat filled powder that is just perfect for a wide range of applications.


BESTDAIRY is the product of years of research and use of excellent up and coming technologies.  It offers you maximum flexibility and versatility, as it:

  • is ready to drink
  • acts as a base for your own milk and food recipes
  • be processed for a wide variety of applications

BESTDAIRY is ready to consume

You can drink BESTDAIRY as is.  It tastes better than some milk powders out there.  In fact, consumers like and widely accept the BESTDAIRY taste as it approximates milk powder.  With its rich, full bodied and creamy consistency, BESTDAIRY can be a snack anytime, anywhere!

BESTDAIRY also tastes better than some leading filled milk brands that are available in various markets.  What’s more, BESTDAIRY is truly an all in one product and comes ready for repacking. No need to add in unnecessary flavouring because it is already delicious.

BESTDAIRY may be used for your recipes

BESTDAIRY is an instantly soluble powder that gives you a rich and fluffy structure, making it a perfect base for your own food and milk recipes.  It is also suitable for Halal preparations.

BESTDAIRY is ready to be processed

BESTDAIRY is formulated to be less susceptible to oxidation, especially when compared to a full cream milk powder. This means that you get the full flavour of milk without losing any of the nutrients!  It is also possible to add in vitamins to make your product more nutritious!

What’s more, XYZ Inc. can also help you develop your own products using BESTDAIRY with competent technical support and development that is available for you. The other benefit of using BESTDAIRY is that it is eligible for reduced taxes and duties in some countries.

In sum, BESTDAIRY Pro Series may be used in recombined milk.  You could use it as a delicious instant milk drink, or pair it with tea or coffee.  You can also use it as a food ingredient and processed into other food products.  Truly, BESTDAIRY represents a high quality formula.

BESTDAIRY Pro Series comes in four variants:

  1. BESTDAIRY Pro 1000
  2. BESTDAIRY Pro 1100
  3. BESTDAIRY Pro 2000
  4. BESTDAIRY Pro 2100

Call XYZ Inc. today and find out more about BESTDAIRY!