Sample Writings

Click the links below to read some of my published online articles, blog posts, content, research papers, among others. All samples below are by-line articles written by I did not include here ghost written posts, which account to approximately 70 percent of all my works.

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Topics are related to technology, photography, SEO, social media, online marketing, health, lifestyle, clothing, finance, money management, WordPress, pet and animal care, human resources, jobs, beauty treatment, house decorations, bingo, flowers, etc.

Technical content, technology articles and tech blog posts 

  1. Pluralsight articles about cloud computing, IT management, operating systems, IT certifications, Windows Server, SQL Server, app development, cloud SQL, green tech, database, converged systems, tech conferences, malware, tech jobs, SSL, online security, XML, BYOD, etc… (30+ articles and counting)
  2. Techopedia articles about CRM, cloud computing, virtual technologies, nanotech, IT recruitment, HTML5, tech companies and businesses, tech jobs, tech certifications, augmented reality, social media, SEO, 4G, app development, etc… (31 articles and counting)
  3. TrainSignal articles about cloud computing, big data, Linux, servers, technology, IT training, jobs and certifications, IT tips, news, etc… (50+ articles)
  4. MakeTechEasier articles about technology, WordPress, Linux, the Internet, etc..(Since March 2013)
  5. articles about web design, web development, CMS, WordPress, etc… (50 articles and counting)
  6. Four Cornerstone articles about Oracle, database, MySQL, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, etc… (400 articles and counting)
  7. articles about all things related to technology
  8. articles about the Internet (tag)
  9. articles about the Internet (category)
  10. Ezine articles about tech and the Internet
  11. Ezine articles about computers and technology
  12. Ezine articles about business technology
  13. Published articles about cloud computing, Oracle Cloud, SaaS, database as a service, PaaS and database cloud
  14. articles about information management, IT, tech ,etc.
  15. How ERP software makes your business more efficient. – Guest post for Apptivo
  16. The evolution of Business Intelligence software in the workplace. Guest post for Yellowfin
  17. How Can IT Managers Champion Sales Technology? Guest post for Cincom Systems Inc.
  18. 5 Signs Your Company Needs Accounting Software
  19. 4 ways to accelerate productivity with project management software
  20. Articles published at the American Banker.
  21. Articles published at The Bond Buyer.
  22. HTML for Beginners: A comprehensive  guide (A 10-part full tutorial for beginners.)


General articles and blog posts

  1. ( topics related to health, diet, bingo, facial care, exotic pets, men’s designer clothing, foam mattress, LED bulbs, indoor appliances, workforce mobility, Lacoste wear, eyeglasses, video games, business, economy,  etc… (61 articles and counting)
  2. Contrastly Online Magazine articles about photography, photographs, camera, photo tools, etc… (100 articles and counting)
  3. articles about finance, money management, budgeting, money apps, etc.. (Since February 2013)
  4. articles about business development, arts and crafts, DIY, sportscars, home and living, travel, general information, furniture, etc… (220 articles and counting)
  5. Vitaver articles about Human Resources, careers, jobs, employees, telecommuting, work promotions, interview kit, etc… (82 articles and counting)
  6. Photography Planet articles about photography, photographs, etc.
  7. Picture Correct articles about photography, photo apps, etc.
  8. articles about animal and pet care, dogs, cats, pet fashion, pet jewelries and accessories, animal health care, etc… (17 articles)
  9. articles about non-surgical beauty treatments (28 articles)
  10. articles about surgical beauty treatments (26 articles)
  11. Ezine articles about health and fitness (Skin Care)
  12. Ezine articles about health and fitness (Eyes Vision)
  13. Ezine articles about arts and entertainment (Photography)
  14. Ezine articles about business and productivity
  15. Ezine articles about pets
  16. Ezine articles about shopping and product reviews (Fashion Style)
  17. Ezine articles about health and fitness (Anti Aging)
  18. SpreadItFast articles about social media, the Internet, online marketing, SEO, etc.
  19. Articles published on Medium (20 articles and counting).


Research papers and white papers

  1. Online Bingo: Market Analysis & Projections (research paper)
  2. IT Management Software – Challenges, Opportunities & Benefits (white paper)
  3. Why is Public Key Infrastructure Outdated? (white paper)


Click the links below to view the rest of my sample writings:

1. Content Writing

2. SEO Writing

3. Technical Writing

4. Research, Term, Master, Dissertation and Doctoral Papers

5. Creative Writing

6. Editorial Writing

7. Literary Review

8. Sales Landing Page / Copy-writing

9. More Sample Articles:

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        2. Top 3 Dresses You Can’t Let Go During Fall
        3. Tools of the Trade: Price Your Crafts Right
        4. What Bag Are You?
        5. Ateneo Art Gallery: Haven for Modern Filipino Art
        6. Unraveling the Bulul’s Spiritual Origin


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