Digital Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketer and Freelance Writer in Batangas

Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Consultant and Freelance Writer in Batangas

I’m a digital marketing consultant, digital marketer and freelance writer based in Lipa City, Batangas. You can view my complete CV, resume / portfolio below. You can also view and download it here.



Michael Gabriel L. Sumastre

Cellphone #: +63-927-6595-125
Lipa City, Batangas
Email address:



Digital Marketing Consultant, Writer, Webmaster, Online Project Manager (SEO, SEM)

Counseled clients on how to improve their online and social media presence and online marketing campaigns. Managed a group of researchers and web designers for SEO and online marketing projects. Administered websites, website content, blogs, ads, web reviews, clients’ requests, technicalities, Internet marketing, SEO, SEM, email campaign, content farms, server maintenance and other web master tasks.

Expert in Content Management System (CMS), IT certifications, cloud computing topics, WordPress, and HTML. Has an average knowledge in web database and computer programming. Can detect SQL injections and web viruses. Can do basic web programming using PHP, MySQL and HTML coding.

Technically proficient in SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, CPanel, Windows Live Writer, Snagit, Snagit Editor, Content Composer Lite, Windows and Mac, Microsoft Office, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Reader, Windows Movie Maker, Questia Research System and the Internet.

Brilliant web writer and blogger with outstanding research skills. Interfaced well with the public and co-workers. Background also includes basic Visual Basic, C++, PHP and MySQL languages. Mac and PC user. Very familiar with web hosting providers’ interfaces (GoDaddy and JustHost).

A PluralSight expert technology writer, Techopedia skilled tech blogger and Certified Diamond Author (the highest membership level and highest author status).


Consultant, Project Manager, Webmaster, Digital Marketer (SEM and SEO) Background 

Owner, Project Manager, Webmaster, Consultant                           July 2005 – August 2015

  • Counseled several clients on how to improve their online and social media presence and online marketing campaigns.
  • Managed freelance web designers for
  • Managed newsletters and graphics (hired and instructed a graphic designer to create several newsletters).
  • Did minor designs of web pages, including graphics.
  • Monitored web server and website’s technical performance (using Webalizer, Google Analytics and Alexa).
  • Managed Google Adwords and Google Adsense accounts.
  • Applied several affiliate and advertising programs.
  • Managed and updated the website’s own content.
  • Installed and used the latest versions of WordPress / applied several WordPress themes.
  • Installed several WordPress widgets and 3rd-party plugins.
  • Transferred, its files, folders, and database to a new server in just 5 hours (this includes the full propagation of the nameservers).
  • Created the site’s email accounts.
  • Programmed the website using HTML and PHP codes.
  • More webmaster job descriptions at


Online Marketing Consultant, Blogger, Technical Writer                      May 2013 – July 2015

  • Counseled client on how to improve their online and social media presence and online marketing campaigns.
  • Applied SEO campaigns and implemented SEO strategies. Marketed the website using several online platforms (through forums, website discussions, Disqus, EzineArticles, Buffer, etc).
  • Managed website content and blog platform in relation to the above mentioned services.


SEO Manager, Blogger, WordPress Customizer / Manager     September 2010 – June 2011

  • Managed the website’s SEO campaigns.
  • Added and customized some of the website’s links.
  • Downloaded, installed and setup the site’s WordPress account.
  • Searched, downloaded, installed, customized, activated and updated the site’s WordPress plugins.
  • Wrote the website’s blog articles and SEO content for
  • Uploaded articles & images to the website, formatted content, applied links, etc using the Windows Live Writer software.
  • Managed the website’s files using the Lexicon webhosting system.
  • Published, shared and promoted the site’s articles to several online social media.


Freelance Technical Writer, Project Manager                                      June 2011 – June 2012
(Theme Dutch –

  • Wrote several technical articles related to WordPress (and WordPress plugins, tools, and features) installation, management, and maintenance.
  • Sourced-out and managed freelance web designers.


Freelance Writer, Blogger, Ghost Writer
(TheFinestWriter –                                        July 2005 – Present


Owner, Webmaster, Photographer
(Sumastre Photography –             August 2015 – Present

  • Expert with Canon DSLR cameras, Canon L lenses and aerial drone photography (stills and videos).
  • I can do aerial, landscape, architectural, fashion, portrait and events photography. I can also be hired as a second shooter.
  • Applied SEO and online marketing campaigns targeting local clients.


Educational History

  • Elementary: Montessori de Oro
  • Highschool: Christ the King College
  • College: Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) – Bachelor of Science in Information Management – units
  • College: STI College Cagayan de Oro – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (year graduated: 2006)


Accomplishments and Achievements

  • Awarded Most Remarkable Theses of the Year (2005) for the CLARENZON Online Market E-commerce B2C System.
  • Achieved 99% in NSAT-English Exam and 97% in NSAT-Overall Percentile Rank.
  • Awarded Catechist of the Year (2000) for actively participating in Saint Rita Parish Church’s community service program from 1998 to 2000.


Specialized Trainings / Certifications

  • Asian College of Science and Technology (ACSAT) – 80-hour Call Center Training
  • STI College Cagayan de Oro – 80-hour English Intensive Program
  • Certified Diamond Level Expert Author (the highest membership level and highest author status).



Character and Professional References

Kasia Lorenc
Director of Technology and Search Marketing (Zacuto)
Chicago, Illinois
Contact Information (telephone number and email address): available upon request

Jon Phillips
Founder (
Quebec, Canada
Contact Information (telephone number and email address): available upon request

Christine Redondo
Administrator – College of Computer Studies (Capitol University)
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Contact Information (telephone number and email address): available upon request

Helen Nathalia
Co-founder, Creative Director (
Koningin Regentesselaan 44, Roermond, The Netherlands
Contact Information (telephone number and email address): available upon request