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According to an infographic created by Rackspace, which gathered the latest trends and statistics about cloud computing, around 9 in every 10 businesses use some sort of cloud service.  And they are very much satisfied with the service that they get, with more than four out of ten of these businesses wishing they have gone on cloud computing way before they did.

Small and medium-sized businesses are leading the charge with more than six out of ten companies with less than 250 employees already on the cloud and eight percent planning to do so within the next six months.  More than half of the companies with 250 employees or more are already on the cloud now, with another ten percent planning to get on cloud computing within six months.

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The cloud computing landscape has definitely changed within the recent years.  The things that made IT professionals and CIOs hesitate just two to five years ago are not a problem anymore.  For instance, those who were turned off by the idea of putting their sensitive and confidential data on the public cloud are now using a hybrid service that allows them to host services on the cloud using dedicated hardware.  Those who were antsy about security have found that the cloud could be as secure as those systems that are on site.

If you are not on the cloud, you are missing out.  According to the Rackspace study, around half of cloud computing adopters have reported that they spend less time managing their IT, allowing them to focus on their business and operations.  Around the same percentage said that being on the cloud allowed them to save on their IT resources, while around 94% said that their cloud deployments were secure.  Around three in every four of these cloud adopters have seen improvements in service availability, while 96% said that they worry less about outages now.

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You can read's published articles about cloud computing, Oracle Cloud, SaaS, database as a service, PaaS and database cloud here.

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