The Origin of Clothes (Part 1)

ancient Egyptian clothes

Aside from food and shelter, clothing is one of the most essential basic human needs. It is integral to our survival. Many parts of the world have different standard, function, and cultural significance when it comes to clothing and clothes.

There are several studies made all about clothes. Many scientists still debate about when and where it first appeared. However, almost all scholars agree that clothing came into existence even before Homosapiens (or the first modern humans) first walked Earth.

According to the study conducted by Andrew Kitchen of Pennsylvania State University, the origin of clothing dates back to 190,000 years ago. The first makers of clothes were the Neanderthals, the modern human’s ancestors. The study revealed that the Neanderthals were forced to make clothes to protect themselves from extreme cold. As part of evolution, the Neanderthals lost most of their hair parts, thus, giving them little protection from Europe’s intense blizzards and snowstorms. The earliest clothes were made of grass, fur, and animal skins. At that time, primitive tools were used to stitch the dress. These include fish bones and pointed stones.

Soon after, the modern humans realize the importance of clothing and begun adopting it into their daily lives.

All about Clothes: Clothing in the Ancient Civilizations
In Egypt, the first clothes were believed to be created around 5500 BC. Because of the country’s hot weather, their clothes were made of plant fibers. Egyptian men wore loincloths, while the women put on dresses.

In 5th century BC, the Indians crafted cottons into their dresses. The Greeks and Turks, on the other hand, use fabric. Some anthropologists hypothesized that they were the first modern humans to clothe themselves. Although it is highly controversial, some scientists estimate that the primitive clothes dug in Anatolia are more than 8,000 years old.

In the Far East, Japan and China dominated the scene of ancient clothing. The Japanese made their clothes from bark and hemp fibers. In China, silk were cultivated and made into textiles around 5000 BC.

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