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Blog and content offers some pretty interesting and very informative posts on a lot of things.  Blogging, SEO, making money online and other topics.

These are real-life tips that everyone would appreciate, from beginners to advanced users. I found almost all content very informative and practical. Most of the blog posts were very detailed. Visitor engagement is also top-notch.

But, as with the overall navigation of the site, it is easy to get lost in all these information.

There is no easy way to see all these topics or categories that the blog covers.  You would be able to see a sampling of these topics by looking at the meta data after each blog post’s title.  But what if the site owner writes 20 different posts about blogging, this would effectively make you think that all blog posts only talk about blogging.  Also, what if you are not interested in blogging topics and are looking for SEO-related how-tos?

Oh wait, there is.  But you would have to find that link.  Guess where?  By clicking on the archives link found on the footer.

Further, looking at the Web page and other first level pages, it would be difficult to understand what the site is actually offering.  On the home page, you are asked to enter your details to get three guides, but you are not told what these guides are and how it will help you generate traffic, convert leads, and make money online as the headline boldly claims.  This very important explanation is found in the About page, which is one click away from the home page.

And oh by the way, the home page offers you the three guides (How to Make Money Online, SEO for Blogs and How to Generate Traffic from Pinterest), but on the succeeding pages, the offer is cut to two (How to Make Money Online and How to Make Money Online). This setup, again, is really confusing to many.

Because of the way the site is laid out, you will probably scroll down trying to look for that explanation and see the blog posts instead.  So by the time you get to the About page, you would have forgotten all about those guides mentioned in the home page (which by the way are not mentioned in the About page.)


Probably, the biggest problem users would have with is finding their way around the site.  The site does not have a sensible navigation system and you would find that you would be using the back button often.  That is if you do not have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find navigational links.

When you create landing pages, it makes sense that you do not confuse your potential customers by putting up a lot of links that would take them away from your offer.  The only clickable link on a landing page should be the call to action.  But this does not hold true for Dukeo.  Not everybody will be entering the site via its home page.  Some will enter the site through its newsletter sign up page, and those who do will not know that this site has a blog, for instance.

The site does not offer an easy way to see what it has to offer except for scattered links here and there and the aforementioned navigational bar at the bottom of the pages that would take a few Page Downs to see.  On some pages, the header and the footer are not even found.

But what aggravates things further is the lack of a search function.  If you have read something on this site before and you would want to look for that particular blog you have read, you will still need to go through the archives because there is no way for you to search for it.

The Low Down

Judging from the quality of the blog posts and the information we got from the blogs, it is very apparent that this site was set up to help people make money online.  But because of the poor navigation, lack of planning and lack of focus, people would find it difficult to understand just how this site works, what the products are and how you could benefit from it.  What’s more, reusing landing pages as part of the website makes you feel that you are visiting two different sites: one with header and footer and the other with a slightly different look. would benefit by taking a look at similar sites to see what they are doing right.  For example, has a clear navigational bar that you could readily see without scrolling down.  This bar gives users an idea of the different sections of the site.  They also offer a free guide in exchange for your name and e-mail address, but they made it clear what you are going to learn from this guide.  A little planning would go a long way into making a lot less painful and confusing.

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