10 Ways to Cut Down Office Gossip to Boost Productivity

office gossip 

With today’s popularity of scandal and gossip, it is almost impossible to sanitize the workplace of irrelevant chitchats. Office gossip poses as one of the most difficult challenges that the boss must be able to moderate to keep the workers focused and productive. But how can a boss achieve a gossip-free workplace without impairing the workers’ channels of interaction? Here are some effective management tips.

1. Introduce and impose the observance of office etiquette.
Furnish your staff with basic office etiquette, from the appropriate fashion statements, to the rightful language and conduct, and to office attendance. This should already clue them in of what is expected of them, including doing away with futile activities that may harm the morale and career of their workmates.

2. Lead by example.
The boss serves as a key person to whom the staff looks up to as the ultimate model of the company’s principles. If you intend to control office gossips and other unproductive behaviors, be a credible example of what and how an efficient worker should conduct himself in the workplace.

3. Keep your workers busy.
Delegate tasks to make sure that everyone will keep his nose on his business. A busy and responsible worker cannot afford time for gossip. Keep your staff occupied during office hours to inhibit idle times.

4. Establish open communication with your staff.
Develop an approachable image without compromising your staff’s esteem for your authority. An office with cultivated candidness regarding office and personal matters easily discourages the building of gossips. Train your staff on how to gear constructive criticism towards improving their work performance.

5. Set up team building activities.
Take the initiative of setting team building activities that will foster harmonious relationships among your workers. Activities can range from sports fests, to a Family Day, to seminars and to recollections. These are effective venues for workers to know their colleagues in depth and develop mutual respect. A staff that has developed genuine friendships is less likely to get into conflicts, thus the fewer instances for gossip.

6. Establish management rules against slanderous actions.
State the company’s statutes governing irresponsible behaviors, including gossips that lead to serious legal problems. Stress the company’s objective of upholding its principles and image to the public, as well as its concern for its personnel well being. Cite the company’s policies and sanctions against destructive gossip mongers.

7. Design a workroom structure that prevents workers from indulging in gossip.
The office set up can be an important aspect that you can manipulate to moderate office gossips. Arrange office tables and cubicles to promote a dynamic work scheme, and limit gossip opportunities.

8. Maintain a prominent visibility in the office.
Regularly go around your staff’s offices, cubicles and tables to check on individual and group performances. Workers will distant themselves from gossip-inviting activities if they are aware that you are watching them closely.

9. Organize regular office social events.
Being stern about office chitchats does not mean completely discouraging casual exchanges among colleagues. Organize proper venues where workers can freely interact over food and a couple of drinks. Having these occasional tête-à-têtes lessens the need for workers to discuss unrelated tales during office hours.

10. Reproach slanderous office behaviors.
Let your workers know how serious you are about cutting down office gossip. Report any defamatory behavior in the office memorandum to penalize liable individuals. Intentionally injuring the reputation and peace of others should be sanctioned accordingly.

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