10 Reasons Why Obama Makes a Good President

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

In January 2009, the world witnessed the historic Presidential inauguration Barack Hussein Obama II, the first African American to win the race to the White House. The tough competition prompts the question of what won Obama the hearts of many Americans. Here are the top ten reasons:

1. He has the intelligence and the experience that makes a good president.
Being the president of the US entails a lot of responsibility. It, indeed, is hard work. His ability to turn projects into successes even before he ran for president or was put into office as the junior Senator of Illinois is mainly due to his intelligence, experience and the education he has acquired growing up.

2. He is equipped with great skills in leading.
If Obama didn’t have the skills to lead, he would not have become America’s president. He has a natural charm when delivering convincing speeches. This is exemplified by the inaugural speech he delivered during that joyous, historical occasion. It was a speech full of promise for the Americans.

3. His economic plans are brilliant.
The president talks about empowering the middle class in his economic plans. He is all for the strengthening of America’s own. He does not encourage many corporations of hiring help with the business from abroad.

4. He is for fair tax plans.
The tax plans he came up with are neutral to the inequality in tax collecting. It also is more fiscally plausible than what McCain came up with.

5. The improvement of the health care system.
The prices of health care benefits and insurances are sky high these days but the president has come up with a legitimate plan to mobilize use the private and public health care systems. Once this is put into action, health care services of good quality will be available to many in lower prices.

6. His policy on fighting against terrorism is good.
The policy on ending the war against Iraq that the president came up with was so good that it became the basis or template of the agreement between Iraqis and the US leaders. Other than that, military officers have been echoing the strategies the current president has come up with regarding the issue on Afghanistan.

7. Energy independence for America.
It might take awhile for America to be independent of their energy sources. However, the incumbent president has come up with a brilliant plan that in a few years’ time will ensure America’s independence in producing their own energy.

8. His outstanding record and support for women’s health.
There have been a lot of issues on women’s health recently but in the previous years, the president has already been advocating for the support of women’s health. A lot of health programs aimed towards the good of women’s health have been coming up like mushrooms.

9. He is an animal rights advocate.
PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) can now heave a sigh of relief. Government policies are on the way to protect the rights of animals to humane treatment as the new president is also an advocate of the rights of animals.

10. He, too, is an advocate of the veterans’ rights.
Both Obama and his vice-president, Biden, are active in supporting and advocating for the best interests of the veterans of war. His retirement programs for the empowerment of the veterans in the battlefields are what make him endearing to this group of people. It too ensured him the position of the President of United States.

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Obama Makes a Good President

  1. Obama doesn’t have any experience: his entire staff is made up of Wall Street and Council on Foreign Relations types. Obama has NO experience in government beyond a scant 2-3 years as a Senator and his activism with socialist groups like ACORN. Michelle Obama has more political experience than her husband.

    Obama’s other plans you’re touting here can be summed up in one sentence: government will fix everything if we just let our system morph into communism. Most of the problems that we have are due to government meddling, not failure of “private enterprise” or “capitalism.” GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF BUSINESS and business will thrive.

    Obama doesn’t care about veterans, or he would 1) bring them home from Iraq; 2) not be forcing private insurance to cover medical needs for veteran care; 3) be pushing gun control legislation to keep vets from owning firearms.

    So, in short, the only thing Obama has done so far is convince people that he’s a good guy, that he knows what he’s doing, and that he can look good on TV. That’s it.

    We were given two lame-duck jackasses to choose from between the two major parties and we chose the one who looked better on TV.

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