Editorial Writing Sample

A True Follower

“It is hard to have leadership when you have a divided followership”.

Gloria Resign! Oust Gloria! Impeached GMA! These statements have been avid visual flicks in our streets nowadays. The day our President made a public statement and apologizes to the Filipino people has been a political and social turmoil. It did not only affect our economy but it also made us Filipinos barbaric in such a way that justice seems a far-fetched ignorance. Protests here, political rally there, and social activism everywhere. In effect of this social unrest cause by idealistic militants, the President humbled herself by quoting the second letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians for the Filipino people, “I cannot boast about myself except about my weaknesses.” But for the ordinary Filipinos who seemed pushed by political opportunists and economic saboteurs, this humbleness seemed not enough.

What has come to us? Have we not learned the lessons from the two previous mass-revolts we have launched? Are our streets the new place where we can seek justice? Or are we just bleak and hopeless followers in the verge of social downfall? The answer to this to this candid questions lies beneath the essence of a true follower. What is a true follower? What makes a good follower? Followership according to the pessimist’s point of view signifies subjection and execution of an order a leader makes. These characteristics beleaguer an attention that one must fully conceptualized and understand. A proactive follower also demonstrates a great respect and thinks a win-win solution, and at the same time gaining the trust and confidence of his leader. An abled follower thinks and works within a system; which in our present social case is our legalized Philippine constitution; based on a set of values that a society dictates for our own common good.

The most important characteristic of a follower is the willingness to tell the truth. A truth that speaks the voice of the majority. A truth that coincides with fair justice. A truth that leads to the uplifting of a unified nation under the guidance of the moral values we have. But be reminded that the truth hurts. It’s a complex word full of power and pain. It can shutter ones mind and aura to the extent of one’s downfall and seizure. However, followers who tell the truth and leaders who listen to it are an unbeatable combination. But this does that not include the “extra-constitutional means” of forcing down a duly elected public official to resign against not only to her well but also to the mandate of the Filipino majority.

However, there is one thing that totally confuses my young and arable mind. In the principles of ideal followership, one must recognize the authority a leader possesses. A recognition that requires great respect given to the leader itself. Now then, can we be both an upbeat follower at the same time tailoring our actions and beliefs to accord with the leaders’ position? Or can we be just like the bamboo tree, able to change its side to the strung of the winds? Whatever is your answer, one thing is for sure, leaders need its followers; followers too need their leaders. It’s a symbiotic process that is proven and tested since time immemorial.

The present social and political crisis we Filipinos currently face needs constant attention both from our leaders and we as their followers inorder to attain our vision. A vision to bring moral enrichment for our ailing nation! A vision to achieve an end to political bickering that is causing us much harm!

We are not experiencing a leadership crisis but a follower’s predicament. Indeed, inorder for us to step forward, we must be a true follower first!